File FF: Naming of School Facilities


The purpose of this policy is to establish the criteria and procedures for naming of School District facilities and property.  The Board’s approval of naming must be consistent with the District’s vision, mission and goals.  Generally, the Board will not approve naming or dedication of property in recognition of significant contributions by individuals.

The Board shall consider whether sponsorship naming will maintain an appropriate balance between commercial considerations and the role which names of buildings and space play in contributing to the District’s sense of identity as well as in assisting students, staff and visitors to orient themselves within a facility.  In considering sponsorship naming, the Board shall consider opportunities for multiple levels of sponsorship to allow for greater participation.

In connection with any proposal to name an entire school building, the Board will consider whether is it most appropriate to name the school after the name of the geographic location and/or area that it serves.

The Board will not approve naming that:

1.  Negatively represents or portrays public education;

2.  Is inconsistent with other Board policies or with any applicable law;

3.  Is directly related to tobacco, illegal drugs, alcohol or weapons;

4. Relates to products or services that are incompatible with a child’s well-being or negatively impact school programs and services;

5.  Is otherwise objectionable or inappropriate as determined by the Board in its exclusive discretion.


Sponsorship Naming

 The Board of Directors may approve naming of property in consideration of financial contributions, sponsorship or other commercial transactions.  Such naming rights will generally be restricted to public spaces and athletic facilities.  Naming rights may be granted in return for provision to the District of a significant financial contribution or sponsorship (generally at least 50% of the cost of the named property), including provision or supply of equipment, materials, land or services.

A specific agreement about the nature of sponsorship naming rights shall be entered into between the District and the sponsoring party.  The terms of the agreement shall be consistent with the provisions of this policy, and shall include financial terms and schedule for payments to the District, the length of time the naming rights are granted, and the terms and conditions that govern what would cause naming rights to be revoked or modified.

The District’s right to use the name and other brand elements of the named party may be permitted by express agreement with the named party.  The named party shall have no rights to determine the purpose of the facility, unless provided for in the agreement between the parties.  The District will not agree to any condition in a naming rights agreement that would unreasonably limit the progress toward the District’s mission and purpose, statutory obligations, or the local authority of the Board.


Recognition Naming

 Generally, the Board will not approve naming or dedication of property in recognition of significant contributions by individuals.  However, if it chooses to do so, the contributions can include meritorious service, or financial or other gifts from donors.


One (1) of the following three (3) criteria must be fulfilled in order for naming property in recognition to be considered.

1. Recognition of extraordinary service to the District;

2. Recognition of the extraordinary achievement(s) of distinguished alumni of the District; or

3. Recognition of an extraordinary voluntary financial or other contribution from a donor that is not in consideration for the granting of naming rights.


The District may solicit suitable donations from the advocates of recognition.

The naming of property for recognition is at the sole discretion of the Board, with the consent of the named party or their legal representative.


Review and Approval Process

Before the Board may approve naming of District property, a proposal shall be submitted to the Superintendent.  Proposals must be made in writing, must state the name of the person or group making the proposal, and must state the rationale for the proposal.  The Superintendent shall forward each complete proposal to the Policy Committee for review and possible recommendation before the proposal is considered by the full Board.  All complete proposals will be forwarded to the full Board.

Any and all entitlements and attributions granted in conjunction with naming rights, including but not limited to signage, must be approved by the Board prior to installation in or on District property.

The Board shall determine and/or approve the naming title, all design considerations such as colors, shapes and sizes along with the location of any and all signage or fixtures to be displayed in and/or on school facilities and/or equipment.

The Board reserves the right, in all cases, to refuse to name a particular property.  The Board reserves the right to decline any donation conditioned on a naming right (or sponsorship) unacceptable to the District.



The Board may revoke or modify the naming of a property only for compelling reasons as determined by the Board.  Proposals to revoke or rename a property must be submitted in writing to the Superintendent.  If the Superintendent determines that the proposal merits further consideration, the proposal shall be submitted to the Policy Committee for review.  After review, the Committee may make a recommendation to the Board for revocation or renaming.

The District reserves the right to revoke a name should it discover information about a named company, group and/or product that would lead to the entity not meeting the criteria and standards set forth above.  The Board reserves the right to revoke a name should it discover information about a named individual that would lead to the individual not meeting the criteria and standards set forth above.

When the Board deems it necessary, sponsoring naming rights may be transferred (such as in the case of a business name change).  The District may require the entity to provide compensation for the costs of any such change.  If the entity refuses to or does not provide compensation for such costs, the District reserves the right to remove the name.  Naming based upon recognition may not be transferred.


FIRST READING:                          September 22, 2016

SECOND READING:                     October 13, 2016

ADOPTION:                                     October 13, 2016

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